Saturday, February 11, 2012

Writing Articles That Make Money

The purpose of writing articles is to make money. When it comes down to it, making more money is the only reason you are article marketing. I'm correct? If they are, then let's dive into what is a good article, and how to increase the amount of sales you make per item.
The first thing you should worry about is to write a good title. The title should explain what someone is going to learn in your article. Do not try to fool someone into reading your article writing a fake title. If the title says "How to lose ten pounds in a week," should be to lose pounds in a week. Got it? Good.
Each section of an article is a different thing. The title makes the people to open your article, the body teaches on the subject that want to know, and the author resource box gives them a reason to click through to your website. If you want the content to make good money, you must follow the guidelines above. The author resource box must be used only for the purpose of getting people to click on the link and go to your website. Do not talk about yourself in this section because most people do not care. They want to know what you get when they visit your website.
Now, because people do not like to read for long periods of time, I suggest that your articles no more than 500 words in length. This is the time to teach them something and deliver real value, while at the same time, causing them to act on what you have to sell. Also, make sure to break up the content so that it is easier to read. Paragraph breaks are ideal for making content easier on the eyes. If people do not read all the way to the end of your article, you probably will not buy anything from you.

If you keep your article writing very simple, you will be able to write more articles per day. I find that 10-15 per day is a good amount. However, if you can only write 5-7 copies a day, that's fine too. The most important thing that you take away from this article is that the work of writing. So decide right now that you are going to commit to write at least 5 per day and see how things change for the better. It would not start a real business and expect no work to be involved, would you?
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