Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Article Marketing Is Still Alive

Article marketing is still relevant. It still works. People give up too easily before they see results. You see, marketing articles is exactly like planting a harvest of pumpkins. Take the farmer for example. A farmer must plant the seeds, water them, and wait five months before he sees any hint of a pumpkin. It takes time. Does the farmer go out to his farm one day, throw up his hands and say "This doesn't work!?" Of course he doesn't. He knows that the process will take time. And when he is patient with the harvest, the results will come.

Writing articles should be treated the exact same way. Every article you write is just like a seed. And once that seed has had time to grow, amazing things happen. You will get a high performing income generating machine. This will take time, but isn't that exciting? I think so. I think that if more marketers saw the potential with content marketing, we'd have more millionaires in our world. Ever article that you write will add to the income you can make online.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Keys To Article Marketing Success

Article marketing success is within the reach of anyone, even if three paragraphs is the most you have ever written, there are a number of things you can do to make article marketing work for you. You will find some of them below.

If you have built up a reasonable collection of articles, one thing you can do is to put them all together to make an E-Book. You can give it away in exchange for a visitors name and email address to help you build your list.

If you want to write articles that people will want to read, then it's important to research the subject topic, especially if you are not familiar with it. You can check out what others have published on the matter, and any trade or industry papers to expand your understanding of the topic. This will also give you an idea of who you are competing against, plus your article will be more attractive for the reader.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why Use Enticing Titles for Article Marketing

Article marketing has become a common means to reach the world audience. But, have you ever thought about converting traffic into sales after the content splashes on the net? Though a lot of factors keep an article on top of search engine, one of the crucial factors is the use of meaningful and enticing title.

The viewers often get attracted to tantalizing titles which can drench their taste buds. They don't lose a second to step forward to read the content of the article. The title holds the power to create an appeal as much as the content itself. While the sole target of every website owner is to achieve sales target to collect maximum revenue. Many webmasters often think about driving people in large number to a page or website before giving a shot of ink to their stationary. Thus, they primarily target the audience to help client achieve those targets.

Thus, giving suitable and traffic-driven titles to articles could easily escalate the sales and thereby revenue. Titles containing "How to" or "Top five or seven tips" phrases could easily entice the customers to read the content thoroughly before stepping in to buy the product or service. In one of my articles, I had used the title "Weight loss by eating more". In another article about grapes, I had mentioned "Grapes- Nectar of Gods". These titles seem to attract people more as far as uniqueness is concerned. In fact, the main aim of grabbing the eyeballs in first instant is well-achieved. The reader, definitely, peeps into the article in case it belongs to his favorite niche.

Using eye-catching titles shouldn't imply harming the sentiments of few in the crowd. The title, in no case, should misrepresent facts or create misunderstanding about a product or service. The sole aim is always intended to target the audience into purchasing the required product or service.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Article Marketing for SEO and Increasing Sales

I personally believe that articles marketing and SEO is more or less the same thing. You see, when you submit an article to a directory, you are doing the same thing you should do if you want to create a page on the site. You write the article, you write the Meta description, and enter keywords. This means that you are optimizing every piece of content you write.
I know for a fact that over 90 percent of the content that appears natural to the search engines are articles, blogs, comments, etc. Anything that you can find with a search engine or an article or has the written word is somewhere on the web page. This is just a fact. Now, if you want to get more traffic and increase sales for your business, read on.
Every article you write will eventually appear naturally in many different search engines. This is great for you because each article you write can and bring you traffic. This means that every piece of content you put on the website is owned by you. You are essentially creating your own personal property. Thus, the more content you personally, the more sales you can make over time.
Some people say that link building is very important. And this is very true, however, things are changing. With the new Panda and Penguin updates, things are moving forward. The content is more important than ever. And if you are not writing quality and original content, you might as well just throw in the towel. Here's the thing, the links will build up over time in any case. So really, you can just focus on creating great articles and let the search engines do their job.