Sunday, December 11, 2011

Employing a Freelance Writer Is the Way Forward

For many people, the Internet too often ends up being a place of great disappointment. Not for the everyday surfer, of course. For them it is a constant wonder. A place where you can wander at will, to seek out information, or to find that many things have been looking for. But for the internet entrepreneur wannabe, whose purpose is to launch a website that one day make his fortune, is quite a different story.

The last set of statistics suggests (it is not an exact science by the way), that there are currently about 612 million live websites out there in cyberspace today. But in terms of activities, only 185 million are active. This means that a mammoth 472 million websites are inactive - or, to put it another way - 69% is not running. What is the reason for this? Well, there are several reasons.

The Domain Name Game

The first reason is what I call the Domain Name game. When the Internet began to take off, (remember the revolution that began in 1995?) Many companies (the largest organizations that the guys that do the coke, and the Nike people in particular) decided to record all the possible variations of their name. This was to prevent someone else "queering" their step. So,,, etc. all I bought, many do not want to use.

The Corner

The second reason is that many people have seen a possible opportunity for a great domain name that someday, someone would want to buy. So these guys invented and bought those names, believing that one day it would have been in great demand and could make a killing. Most obviously, has proved not more expensive red herrings.

Unfortunately there are no statistics for the two varieties, which means that the third reason, though very real, and no doubt, a very large proportion of the 472 million Web sites redundant, can not be quantified.

Lack of knowledge & Internet Savvy

The third reason is what I miss the end of internet knowledge and common sense. My guess is that this category which is equivalent to well over 70% of the 472 million - more than 330 million websites are inactive.

Now when I say lack of knowledge or common sense, I'm not talking about technical knowledge, things like build your own website. What I'm talking about is drive visitors to your website. The bottom line is that if no one knows that your site is there, how can they do? You could have the greatest product, service provision, or a piece of information ever. But if no one knows, are never going to find on it.

The use of a freelance writer

One of the best ways to generate interest is to publish articles and blogs where people interested can find. But the fact is that most people are neither very good at writing, or simply can not be bothered to make the effort. In both cases, the end result is the same, their websites rot and die.

The alternative is to use a freelance writer. You will find their fees very reasonable, especially when you consider the benefits. You will be able to get an article of 500 words for less than $ 10 or $ 20 if you use a professional first class. Whatever you do, do not skimp. There are plenty of freelance writers that herald in the third world, and they charge stupid prices like $ 2 an article. But remember, you get what you pay for. A $ 2, is likely to be in poor English, unoriginal, and under researched. Not do the job it is hoped that it will. It 's like anything in life - you get what you pay for!

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